6ft 7ft 8ft Santas Best Snow Kissed or green Pre-lit LED Lights Christmas Tree

6ft 7ft 8ft Santas Best Snow Kissed or green Pre-lit LED Lights Christmas Tree

6ft 7ft 8ft Santas Best Snow Kissed or green Pre-lit LED Lights Christmas Tree
STUNNING SANTAS BEST DELUXE PRE LIT TREE. You've found the centrepiece for your festive home. With this gloriously lifelike, pre-lit deluxe spruce tree from Santa's Best.

Boasting a traditional full shape, beautifully-defined branches. Moulded tips on the outer edges of the tree and new smaller Starry lights entwined within the branches. Luxurious, fuss-free and available in new Snow Kissed or Natural green.

This stunning Christmas tree will make your home come alive with magical style and light this festive season. This tree boasts an incredible 116 light functions in a variety of colours.

Including Glisten, Firefly, Twinkling, Chasing, Fireworks, Colour Morphing, and so much more. The Continuous On technology keeps your lights lit, even if a bulb becomes damaged or burns out. And with the remote control you can change the setting straight from your sofa! A spruce to suit your seasonal decor. This Christmas tree comes in a choice of two styles.

Opt for Natural if you like a traditional evergreen look or Snow Kissed for a lightly dusted snowy look. The Snow Kissed option offers a subtle delicate flocking focussed to the tree tips. Plus, with a choice different heights, from four to eight foot, there is a tree to suit every room in every home. Using the remote you can programme the Cycle Favourite option to select your five favourite light settings. And you can choose the perfect brightness level from three different settings with the dimmer function.

You can also choose when to illuminate your home with the 6 hour on/18 hour off timer function. Put your Christmas tree together with ease by simply dropping one piece onto the next.

Then have fun hanging all your favourite ornaments easily thanks to its sturdy construction. Please note, for the larger sizes you may need a helper to put up your tree. With built-in EZ Power technology.

This realistic tree houses all its power in the centre of the pole. So there's no messy extension cords or wiring to contend with, and each piece lights up as you stack them. Plus, Santa's Best's new micro Starry lights. Which are smaller than previous designs for a more sophisticated twinkle. Are prewrapped around the branches so no there's no tangling and wrapping to do.

You already have the perfect lighting set up on all your branches! What's in the box? (UK low volt plug and foot switch/pedal) - 4', 5' and 6' tree options have two-piece assembly. Other sizes have three-piece assembly.

(2 x AAA batteries Required). Each size comes in a choice of Natural or Snow Dusted. 4' tree: 400 colour changing LED lights and 916 branch tips..

5' tree: 550 colour changing LED lights and 1,294 branch tips.. 6' tree: 700 colour changing LED lights and 1,780 branch tips.. 7' tree: 900 colour changing LED lights and 2,944 branch tips.. 8' tree: 1,200 colour changing LED lights and 4,176 branch tips.. PLEASE NOTE THE SNOWFLOCK TREE WILL SHED SOME SNOW.

All sizes are approx and included stand and the top branch pointing upwards. This brand of tree has a metal hole in the top section (this is normal). As they sell tree toppers that connect directly in. THESE TREES ARE HEAVY, IN A LARGE BOX.

6ft 7ft 8ft Santas Best Snow Kissed or green Pre-lit LED Lights Christmas Tree